46 dating jewish new york

My family is from Beirut and Germany yet we are also in Israel, Brazil, Argentina, ... My mother's family are Polish and came to Palestine on the Exodus, from France.


I am currently a realtor, and studying marketing at Touro College.

Previously he was Executive Director of the US Israel Business Council and worked as an analyst at a venture capital fund. I was born and raised in Israel, where I developed a strong Jewish identity.

My parents are both first generation Sabra, whose parents had escaped the horrors of WWII.

I grew up in Newton, which was a predominately Jewish city, but lost touch with my Jewish roots as I got older; the community in Boston is also much smaller, with fewer activities than New York.

It wasn't until I moved to New York City four years ago that I was able to reconnect with my heritage ...

Ahron is the Chief Investment Officer at Yeshiva University in New York, NY, where he oversees 0 million in endowed and other long-term investments.



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