Aaron yan and gui gui dating

We believed that yelling and forcing our talented youths won't help much, so there's no such thing as punishment....." All lies. I broke up with her."Murmurs aroused from every direction."Why did you break up with her? We've always thought you two look very compatible, and all those sweet moments...." Another reporter joined in."Is there a different reason for the break-up? It doesn't matter whether we look good together or not. I could feel the tension was already built up inside the room. Also, I was not really ready to face the angry fans."Aaron, you can just shoot me right now!!!! " She yelled back at me."Oh, so they don't want to snap out of their day dream? " A desperate fan shouted into my ears."You're a CHEATER!!! Net even a buzz sound could be heard."I broke up with Hebe because I do not love her. What you called 'the perfect couple' is only in your imagination.


well, nobody knows for sure but we do know that gui gui likes aaron.Gui Gui might be dating low key or may have a secret relationship with her partner, but no details have hit the web on her relationship.



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