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    This question can lead to some fascinating conversations. Men are all about their skills, no matter how pointless they may be. Use these questions to get to know each other better. Keep an open mind, and make sure you give your own answers too. This question helps to get her to open up by giving her the opportunity to choose her own topic of conversation. Clowns tend to be a love-them-or-hate-them (or be terrified by them) topic. Become more of an individual by trying out our best interesting questions in your next conversation. It’s a shame you can’t watch The Lord of the Rings all the way through. Be proud of the gifts you give people, especially if you put a lot of thought into them. Sometimes you just want to keep the mood light and easy-breezy. These fun questions to ask don’t require any touch thinking or emotional involvement. Here are 8 of the best fun questions to ask: This is a great question because it can go anywhere. You can also have categories like “funniest,” “scariest,” and so on. Did you call out of work because you got “sprayed by a skunk? It’s probably the pizza you made in the previous question. Even if you have absolutely nothing in common with the person you’re talking to, these funny questions to ask will help to break the ice. Workplace freakouts often lead to hilarious stories. Focus on the good when starting a conversation with someone. They’re hard to kill and will make any room feel much more comfortable. Of course, you want everyone to have a good time, so keep your questions and dares on the positive side.

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    As a child, he was well known for making up long stories and tales.

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    When our teenagers start dating, it opens up a whole new world of challenges for parents.

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    Perfect Match's Asian Singles' section of their website is well-populated with several million users.

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