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In 1519 Spain, two con artists, Miguel and Tulio, win a map to the legendary City of Gold, El Dorado, in a rigged dice gamble.

After their con is exposed, the two evade the guards and hide inside barrels, which are then loaded into one of the ships to be led by conquistador Hernán Cortés for the New World.

She discovers that the two are conning the people but promises to remain quiet if they take her with them when they leave the city.

The two are showered with gifts of gold from Tannabok but disapprove of Tzekel-Kan attempting to sacrifice a civilian as the gods' ritual.

Giving up on staying in the city, Miguel and Altivo jump onto the boat to unfurl the sails, assuring the boat clears the statue in time.

The group successfully crashes against the pillars, causing a cave-in but losing all their gifts in the process.

The plan succeeds with the citizens pulling over a statue in the boat's wake to give it enough speed.

As the statue starts to fall too quickly, Tulio has difficulty in preparing the boat's sail.



The pair are mistaken for gods and are given luxurious quarters, along with the charge of Chel.Miguel comes to appreciate the peaceful life embraced by the citizens; by then, he reconsiders leaving, especially after overhearing Tulio telling Chel that he'd like her to come with them to Spain, before adding he'd like her to come with him and to forget Miguel – straining the relationship between the two.


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