Adult live spanking cams who is hailey glassman dating 2016

Taking a subby back to feeling like a naughty little boy.Obviously, by using live femdom cam, the actual spanking cannot physically take place.There are so many Dommes online and each one knows perfectly well that this is the best form of dealing with a submissive who needs to be punished.It instantly takes them back to childhood and causes them to regress and makes them humble and weak in her presence. Ordered to stand before her as she sits in a wooden chair.



Standing looking at themselves naked and with tear-stained faces and a crimson rear end is effective after punishment as it reminds the sub that there are consequences to insubordination and is an effective mental image for him to keep for the next time he thinks it ok to step out of line.

We offer different live cams from different cam sites, you can see the logo of the cam site on the thumbnails.


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    So, save your money until they get their act together .. When they click on this link, they’re taken to a page with three buttons, “Moderator Photo”, “Moderator Essay” and “Save”.

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