America dating culture

There is also an important Latin American cultural presence in the United States (such as in California, Florida, the Southwest, and cities such as New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami).There is also increasing attention to the relations between Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole.

Of the European immigrants, men greatly outnumbered women and many married natives.

Britain deliberately sought to replace the Spanish in economic and cultural affairs.

Military issues and colonization were minor factors.

Outside of the United States, and in many languages (especially romance ones) "Latino" just means "Latin", referring to cultures and peoples that can trace their heritage back to the ancient Roman Empire. Spanish is the language in the majority of the countries (See Spanish language in the Americas).

Portuguese is spoken primarily in Brazil (See Brazilian Portuguese), where it is both the official and the national language.

French is also spoken in smaller countries, in the Caribbean, and French Guiana.


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