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She is a proud daughter of her father Jack, who was a sociologist and worked at the University of Washington as a Vice president and mother Karen who was a special education teacher.

She doesn’t have a sister but has an elder brother named Robert who is also a sociologist.

Her first paid job was at the Seattle Repertory Theater at age nine.

She cherished it and did other local plays and readings.

After filming few short films over there she decided to leave for Los Angeles.

Anna began her acting career at a young age but not professionally.

She adored watching plays and inevitably created her own with all the neighborhood kids.

2008: Later on in 2008, the couple get engaged, and before they’re even married, they start wearing wedding rings. He says, “From his seventh month to his 13th month, I saw him twice. Anna told me his first sentence was ‘Dada’s working.”’ Pause.

“I wonder how old he’s going to be when his sentence is ‘Dada needs to get a job.”’2015: Anna opens up for the first time about rumours of Chris’ infidelity.

The former couple were seen on Monday and Tuesday going for walks, according to News.


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