Best british dating sites

How to Locate Potential Matches There are basically three options for locating your ideal match – How to Communicate with Other Members Free members can browse or search for other members, send out Flirts and access basic profiles.

However, communication with a member needs premium membership through instant upgrade and payment.

Simply click on any of the tabs leading to different features of the site, and you’ll be prompted to upload a photo and select 3 matches to give Dating Direct an idea of what kind of profiles you like. To complete your profile, you’ll answer a number of questions about your personality, appearance, lifestyle and interests, and what your ideal match would look like.

How to Locate Potential Matches First off, you have the standard browsing feature, where you look through all the profiles currently online. Basic searches are fun, quick options where you browse through profiles with the same birthday as you or members who have birthdays that are today.



Most of these features are only available to premium members however, and some users report having difficulties cancelling premium memberships, or getting their money back after mistaken charges.

Another benefit of being in one of these cities is that opportunities for offline dating will also more abundant. is the best online dating site in the United Kingdom. is the UK version of the popular site in the United States,


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