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They would repair the bad blood as they still work together in TNA but the company decided to put the two against each other in a feud that made for terrible television.

Following the debacle with Edge and Lita which we will discuss later, Matt Hardy entered a relationship with new WWE Diva Search winner and future Playboy playmate Ashley Massaro.

It created an online feud between the two that has lasted even beyond Massaro dating either of them, as London and Hardy are still on bad terms.

London has refused to work an angle with Hardy when both were in ROH.

Sara’s time in WWE was short lived and mostly remembered for Diamond Dallas Page stalking her in his debut.

The Undertaker and Sara would get a divorce and despite not knowing what exactly caused it, you know things got ugly if ‘Taker agreed to split with the reality that he would have to pay to get his tattoo removed.


When Paul London began dating Massaro, London claims Hardy would be rude to him and borderline unprofessional.

Morrison once snubbed and offended Trish Stratus in a Wrestle Mania match believing she took Melina’s spot and his career could never rebound.


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