C bindingsource validating

Then, in those handlers, implement your custom validation such as calling the Data Annotations Validator.Raising error flags would then be as simple as calling the Error Provider's Set Error method if validation returns a failure.There is two orverloads for this method, and I've problems with both of them : I wrote an article of Winform Advanced Data Binding ( where I speak about property descriptor. If you don't speak french, you can download C# project. I've some difficulties to understand your article because of my lack of knowledge in this domain.However it seems you don't speak about how to sort a Data Binding, do you Or perhaps there is a solution to my problem (on your custom object To support sorting, the underlying list must implement the IBinding List or IBinding List View interfaces.The combo Menu List does have a new blank item after I call btn Add New_Click, but when I select it the Binding Source. Thanks for your help though, I hope it is just something simple that I am not doing right so if there are any other steps you can think of I appreciate it. Once I recieve the Data Set (ds), I initiate the bs Supplies object with this code: bs Supplies = new Binding Source(ds, "Supplies"); I then bind all of my form's objects to this Binding Source. Count = 4 at this point, but I cannot move bs Supplies. I dont seam to have a problem actually creating the new Row.There are certain values that cannot be Null inside the Access Database, so I cannot just Insert a blank row and then recieve a new Data Set from the database.

The only problem comes from adding a new Row from within the program.

Help me about this question , i want in C# do like Vb.

I've a Binding Source object that contains a list of objects.

Example: private void button Save_Click(object sender, Event Args e) } 3.

You can wire to the form UI components' validating event to force users to enter valid values. This will prevent a control from losing focus if an invalid value has been entered.

Check the documentation on the Sort property from the Binding Source on MSDN.



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