Catholic dating rules

The event was inspired by the film The Dating Project, a documentary based on the experience of Prof. Speaking with her students she realized they had no idea how to date or develop a romantic relationship.

Many had bought into the “hookup” culture, with its dead-end sexual encounters.

[people would] be more adjusted.” On the other hand, mightn’t going on more coffee dates, expecting less from them, and not getting too emotionally attached become simply a non-sexual version of the hookup culture? Instead, the conversation quickly turned to the logistics of dating: who asks whom out, and why.

Presumably, if singles are going to be going on lots of coffee “dates” with no expectations, it shouldn’t matter who issues the invitation.


The results proved interesting: the conversation quickly turned to the logistics of dating, and the panelists laid out what seemed on the surface to be a unanimously agreed-upon set of rigid fast rules for navigating dating dilemmas.

Dating has never been an easy experience to navigate.


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