Consolidating private education loans

You cannot consolidate private student loans with federal student loans, and you can only consolidate the loans you hold in your name; this means that you cannot consolidate your own loans with your spouse's or with loans your parents may have taken out to finance your college education.Note that some consolidation pros apply just to federal loans or just to private loans.If you have private student loans at differing variable rates of interest, you may be able to consolidate and get one new loan with a fixed rate of interest—a good move if rates have dropped significantly since you were in school.That's because you'll start the loan repayment clock again and it will probably be for a longer time.

If you want to raise more net revenue, you have to answer the following.

The truth is that lenders weight the average of the interest rates you're currently paying on your existing federal student loans and then round that number up to the nearest one-eighth of a percentage.


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