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It is important to note that this was achieved in an experimental group where 18 of the 20 participants “reported not having had any previous knowledge of the links between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.” Regardless, this indicates that the ABC Model partially works by showing people the connection between their beliefs and their emotions, and by showing people that the events around them do not necessarily dictate their emotions.

The ABC Model has been successful in treating anger issues as well (Fuller et al., 2010).

In other words, REBT is both a precursor to and a form of CBT.

You can read more about cognitive distortions here.ABC Model This extremely short worksheet simply lists the five steps of the ABC model in descending order.It goes from Activating Event to Beliefs to Consequences to Disputations of beliefs to Effective new beliefs.Before you start reading this article, we recommend downloading these 3 Positive CBT exercises for free.


With these exercises, you will be able to understand positive CBT on a theoretical level and gain the tools to apply it to your work with clients or students.In both the ABC Model and the ABCDE Model, this is what a typical series of thoughts might look like (with the only difference being that the ABCDE Model is explicit about “D” and “E”: “a key element is helping clients see the connection between an event that may serve as a trigger, and how irrational evaluations may cause emotional and/or behavioral consequences that often in turn lead to increased distress or conflict.” (Malkinson & Brask—Rustad, 2013) This is the main idea behind the ABC Model, as one does not necessarily have to change their environment, they simply have to recognize and change their reactions to their environment.


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