Dating antique coffers

As the name implies, it comes with a flat top that makes it easy to stack on trains or carriages.This type of chest also has its variations, including those wooden trunk items, particularly pine trunk. Another common type of vintage chest comes with a dome top.As a website showcasing the UK’s top genuine antique furniture dealers, we are proud to offer a huge authentic selection of antique chests for sale in the UK.Feel free to browse through different periods and styles and enjoy the timeless elegance of the different antique chests and vintage trunks available on the Love Antiques website. An English, Victorian storage chest dating to the mid 19th century, circa 1850.

But over the years, chests were made out of a variety of materials that led to the spread of oak chest and pine storage boxes, among other types of wooden chest furniture.This process only takes a few steps and you can then purchase your favorite piece.


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