Dating for dinner


After dinner stay for drinks and good conversation, it’s a lost art that most don’t exercise nearly often enough. You should be paying attention to your date not secretly adding up the bill in your mind – “Sorry, what did you just say?

Doesn’t that sound better than shouting over bad music in a night club or sitting silently through another bad Mark Wahlberg or Jennifer Aniston movie? ” At the end of the day, the restaurant you choose for a date says something about you.

Lunch on the other hand, can pretty much work 7 days a week, increasing the odds of finding a time you’re both available.

Choosing a lunch date during the week can also be a strategic move allowing you to remain in control with an easy out – just in case.

Follow with appetizers, wine, mains and then before dessert spring for a cheese course to finish your wine; it’s something people rarely do and you would be astonished at how enjoyable it is. Whatever you do, don’t pick a place that you’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar with and certainly don’t pick a place you can’t afford in order to impress your date.

Finish with coffee and sharing dessert, it’s romantic and engaging. Deciding what to eat based on the price column of the menu is no way to relax and enjoy oneself, so why put yourself in that situation?

One nice thing about dates during regular business hours is that once you’ve finished your meal the possibilities of what to do are only as limited as your imagination.

For many reasons, dinner is the more popular choice but don’t forget that a little planning will go a long way.



Your willingness to accept suggestions or recommendations from your waiter can also be telling, maybe it’s a sign that you’re not too egotistical to accept help when you need it.

Stop looking at dinner as simply appetizer – main – dessert.


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