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So take this time to enroll in a class, take a workshop, explore volunteer opportunities or take up a new, healthy habit.During this time, you may meet prospective partners, especially if you’re trying new and fun things!When its finally quiet, and there is nothing but you and the fallout, it’s easier to count the casualties.Assess the parts of yourself you lost and round up those that are still living.


Season 3 explores how relationships can fall apart with the onset of a depressive episode.Do you have some boards on Pinterest I should follow? Here’s a kick I’m on right now: A healthy diet will make you feel better, bring more zest and energy into your life, make you look better and give you the energy to live a more exuberant life – all things we would want to offer a partner and If any of these are your idea of fun, but you haven’t played them in awhile because you’re flying solo…well, you know the deal on Dating Yourself: play these games for your own enjoyment! Set up space for a puzzle and work on it over the course of a week or weekend.Set up a chess or checker board and play both sides.Today I am honouring her, what she learnt, what she let go, what she held onto and what she became. Around the same time I started seeing my therapist, I also started seeing a Psychic. I saw her once mid- February when I felt like things were their most difficult.

And I saw her again just over a month ago, when I finally felt ready to talk about the would-be future again.

Today marks the posting of my first blog entry; the night I pulled myself from recluse and sat in a movie theater by myself contemplating my seemingly broken loneliness to the soundtrack of Star Wars. It’s often greeted with a sort of satisfied exhaustion as the weightiness disappears. I feel sadness for the girl I remember, and the pain I know she was going through.


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