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This is a collection of the best dating Word Press themes for building an online dating website or a match-making and dating community website with Word Press.The premium themes below utilize the power of the free Word Press content management system together with Buddy Press – a powerful suite of social networking plugins for Word Press.People are always looking for love, so online dating is big business and the potential profits from a dating website can be massive.

More features than any other dating software provider and backed with free support, free upgrades and lifetime free hosting. The Advan Date Dating Software solution includes features like Live Video Chat, Custom Profiles, Custom Match Settings, Custom Compatibility Quiz, Payment Gateways and tons more.Membership payments are processed with the Woo Commerce ecommerce plugin.Love Story has a powerful options panel to easily set-up and control the site.It also has optional Facebook login / registration integration.


Sweet Date uses Buddy Press for the social network functionality.The Love Story theme allows people to sign up (Facebook login option) and create user profiles on the site.


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