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She almost never says where the pictures are taken place, but some appear to be taken in the U. Mills also spent this summer traveling around Europe, posting photos from Iceland, Poland, and other spots throughout Eastern Europe.

It's unknown whether or not Snowden accompanied her for her travels, but given that he risks extradition to the U. in many countries, even years after his leak, it's pretty unlikely.

Due to visa restrictions though, she doesn't live there full-time, according to The New York Post.

Instead, she travels back and forth, which demonstrates her commitment to her and Snowden's relationship.

In 2011 both stars find themselves single after their relationships end.

John separates from wife Jessica, the mother of two of his four children, whilst Lisa splits from husband Chris Coghill, with whom she has an adopted daughter called Billie.

Yet despite both of them being in the public eye, the lovebirds manage to keep their romance low-key.

‘Our relationship is as quiet and private as it can be when you both work in television,’ says Lisa.


They had been living together in Hawaii prior to Snowden fleeing for Hong Kong, then Russia, which he did while telling her that he was only going on vacation.

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode are speculated to have started dating in late 2012.


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