Dating rorstrand markings


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reactions in people since their bodies are also not the same.Tbben (Tobben) dolls, 1939 worlds fair, hangtag made in Holland, wearing a Dutch costume Harry Van Tussenbroek 1929 art dolls North America Arctic regions - wooden Labrador dolls 1940s , Labrador Tea dolls 1960s Northern, North, Central, Caribbean, South America - dolls were made by various artists, craftsperson's Trinidad dolls 1914 - cloth stuffed and dressed as a East India coolie woman, betrothal or marriage dolls Husflidsforening Norsk, Christiana, Oslo, exhibited dolls in 1893 at the Chicago Exposition Kristian Olson, Telemarken, Oslo, exhibited dolls in 1893 at the Chicago Exposition Ronnaug Petterssen dolls 1930s-1970s Thabee Lazarski dolls 1913 - also located in France 1914-1930s Mask Face Dolls 1920s dolls made in Poland Hogo Roithner & Co wood dolls 1871-1925 Schlesische Spielwaren Fabrik dolls 1926-1930 Heinrich Schmuckler dolls 1891-1928H. Dymasb Komeko Go doll mark six pointed star symbol, ceramic head, ca.Weignerova dolls 1929-1930Friederike Welsch dolls 1925 Breslau, Silesia Zast dolls 1920s doll mark ASK Poland in a triangle 1960s Russian dolls & doll makers Identified by Nastasya80 Antoshka doll mark V symbol, dates unknown possibly 1950s? 1916-1920s Doll mold 455 46, ceramic head, unknown maker, ca. Bern doll mark red shield with white cross, Servante Bernoise 17 Sicle Bucherer & Cie doll mark Made in Switzerland 1921-1935 Mme.Some dolls or figures are listed by type, as the exact doll makers names or artists are unknown.

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but do not sign or label, the dolls they have made. dolls 1876-1942 London, UK - also known as Pedigree Company 1942-1971 Netta Australia doll mark netta on a map of Australia Made in Australia 1972 to present Peerless Company dolls, dates unknown, Australia P. 1909-1913 Eugnie Faugier dolls 2 heads, 2 torso's, 2 skirts 1909 Maison Jean, green & white doll mark label, dates unknown, Brussels, Belgium Keralouve Mundial Company - reproduction of antique All Bisque German dolls, dates unknown 2018 Remdeo dolls 1914-1916Unica dolls 1921-1971Van Hollebeke dolls 1850s - licensed by Ideal & Mattel to reproduce their products in Brazil some bonecas names; Bebe, 1963 Miss Universe Ieda Vargas, Linda, Patti Playpal, Susi and many others Holzer & Cie dolls 1920s-1940s Joao Perotti Mfg.


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