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BLOCH: Have you any independent recollection of what specific subject you discussed that night with Dave and Ruth? BLOCH: Did you ever mention to Davey that you would support him or get the Russians to support him if he continued his college education? I gave them my school background, work background and I told them whatever I knew about David Greenglass' education and his work background. ROSENBERG: Yes, I told them, and at that point they said to me--they questioned me and tried to focus my attention to, as I notice now, certain dates in the overt acts listed in this indictment.

First they tried to get my background, what relations I had with him. BLOCH: Did you tell them that you had formerly been employed by the Government of the United States? Did you ever have any arrangement with Dave Greenglass or Ruth Greenglass or any Russian or with your wife or with anybody in this world to transmit information to the Soviet Union or any foreign power?

BLOCH: If the Court, please, my first witness is the defendant Julius Rosenberg.

Rosenberg, are you aware of the charge that the Government has leveled against you?

" "I will call him a liar to his face because that is not so." And I said, "Look, gentlemen, at first you asked me to come down an d get some information concerning David Greenglass.

Saypol's statement and strike from the record "intelligent Americans." E. " And they said, "What if we bring him here, what will you do? We are just trying to help you."I said, "I would like to get in touch with the lawyer for the Federation of Architects and Engineers." I asked the FBI to please call him. COURT: Did you know whether you were under surveillance by the FBI at that time?

BLOCH: Did you know in the middle of November 1944 that there was such a project known as the Los Alamos Project?

BLOCH: And you have been here all the time that the witnesses who appeared for the prosecution testified?


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