Dating simulator game cheats

The more EXP you have with them, the more things you'll be able to do with them.



We've had a look at the game and put together some Passion Puzzle cheats and tips below.1) Patience This game is not too generous at the beginning with letting you play for free.

#27 Dont eat too close to your bedtime #28 Always check the card reader at ATMs before you swipe #29 Medicine is not always the best medicine #30 Always bring a war chest #31 Youre young, you have your health, now is the time to take risks #32 You cant beat the whammy bar #33 The solo from Kid Charlemagne is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded #34 Peter Weller actually has a PHD in history #35 Its called masking tape for a reason #36 Trust no one #37 If you press the ignition too long youll just flood the engine #38 The extended cut is the only cut worth watching #39 They really stepped up the production value in Episode V #40 Managing debt is just part of being an adult #41 Run through the finish line #42 What you do, when you dont have to, will determine where youll be when you cant help it #43 When lifting weights, use proper form and a full range of motion #44 Gas is cheaper in the suburbs #45 Do what you love and the money will come #46 Do it once, do it right #47 Dont skip the corners #48 Eat plenty of carbs the night before a big game #49 If the police are driving behind you, dont give them probable cause to pull you over #50 Try to drive in a way where you never have to use your brakes #51 You can save bookmarks directly to your desktop #52 A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the eye #53 Pet every dog #54 Have you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?


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