Dating versus biblical courtship


Whether we admit it or not, the world has molded our views of preparing for marriage.

We need to seriously ask ourselves: “What is the godly approach to relationships? Perhaps his ways are a 180-degree change from everything you’ve experienced.

Don't start with "feelings;" these should be by-product. Are your affections directed toward the highest well-being of the other person?


It is not uncommon that by the time a person is married, he feels like he has already been through five divorces. Am I supposed to shelter myself, put walls around my heart, and forget having a social life? The alternative is to rethink the way we approach relationships.

You are free to download this outline provided it remains intact without alteration.

You are also free to transmit this outline electronically provided that you do so in its entirety with proper citation of authorship included.

With this mentality, a person who dates successfully breaks up with everyone in his life except for one person (and this is supposed to be good preparation for a successful marriage).

Of course, the majority of relationships do not end in marriage, but some become so intimate and intense that the couple might as well be married.

Many people would begin a relationship simply because they found the other to be cute and fun.


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