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There will be good same-day connections to and from Oslo.Aeroflot opens new lounge for business passengers in Sheremetyevo-1 March 2004: A new waiting room for first and business class passengers of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines opens on March 31 in Moscow's Sheremetyevo-1 Terminal.New destinations in Siberia April 2004: From the middle of May Aeroflot will launch routes to two more cities in the Siberia - Kemerovo. Kemerovo is an industrial city with half a million inhabitants, situated at the Tom, a tributary of the river Ob.The city is also a cultural centre and houses a university, theatres, museums and the Philharmonic Hall.Passenger seats’ occupation rate amounted to 69.0 %.Percentage of enplaned traffic amounted to 58.2 %, exceeding the level of 2003 by 1.2 %.First and business class passengers of Aeroflot Russian Airlines will get special vouchers at registration in Sheremetevo-1 with the information about an opportunity to use extra comfort waiting room.The clients can use all the services for passengers of extra comfort waiting room with no extra charge.

(day 3=Wednesday, day 5=Friday, day 6=Saturday, day 7=Sunday.In comparison with 2003 operating volumes have increased according to all indicators and amounted to: according to passenger-kilometres: 115.4 % ( 2798.1 mln pkm) according to carriage of passengers: 117.4 % ( 1 018 900 passengers) according to ton-kilometres: 121.8 % ( 492.0 mln tkm) according to freight carriage: 130.0 % ( 33 040.9 tons).


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