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According to Angel, Remy is 18-years-old and works at Amazon, but has his head on straight.

Even though they talk on the phone every day, the couple video chatted one time, and all he showed was his forehead.

Schulman and King flew to Texas to help Angel locate her mystery man.

Angel told Schulman about a time when she invited Remy to the movies with her and Mari, but he said he couldn’t go because of his girlfriend and gave her his address.

Now, Martin is believed to have filed a restraining order after the woman refused to listen to police who warned her to stay away from the Grammy-winning star.

He is said to have become “increasingly worried” by the stalker and says the letters from the woman make references to his children – daughter Apple and son Moses – alongside frequent references to their “relationship” and death.

Other celebrity guests at the dinner included Rita Ora, Jaime King and Paris Jackson. News confirmed that Hilton and actor Chris Zylka broke up 10 months after getting engaged.

Nev Schulman teamed up with singer/songwriter Elle King to help Texas native, Angel.


Angel wanted to figure out if everything was real, so she went to the address. When she told him she was in the apartment complex but could not locate the building, he told her he was watching her and even described the clothes she wore.

Remy also refused to apologize to a heartbroken Angel before walking away.


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