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For example, if I have 5 checkboxes but one of the 5 checkbox is disabled until I change something in the form and I am a screen reader user who happens to be using tab to navigate through the form I could wind up in a situation where I wasn't aware of the 5th checkboxes existence.Yes, screen reader users could go looking for it and yes generally non-interactive items shouldn't be in the tab order -- but asking a person to review the form in browse mode when tab otherwise might be used could trip up some people.Just make sure that it is in the proper location in the reading order for the page.Mike Moore Accessibility Coordinator Texas Health and Human Services Commission Civil Rights Office (512) 438-3431 (Office) -----Original Message----- From: Web AIM-Forum [mailto: = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = ] On Behalf Of Ajay Sharma Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2016 AM To: = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = Subject: [Web AIM] Should disabled elements receive tab focus Hello and Greetings, Looking for some expert advice on the case where it is desired by the screen reader users that tab focus should go on disabled button and screen reader should announce it's name, role and state which is disabled.I believe that the reasoning that we have to have non-actionable controls in the tab-ring comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of how screen reading software functions.Far too often I have seen test scripts that call for the tester to fail anything that cannot be discovered by tabbing.


But doing so would affect the usability of keyboard only users as the tab focus would land on non interactive element.This usually results in everything getting a tab-index of 0 and a nightmare to use or remediate.



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