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Some people get involved simply to come together with others for a cause they believe in, others to gain valuable experience working with clients or helping with important research.

But what motivates most people to volunteer is the chance to be part of the larger CAMH mission—helping people with mental illness find pathways to recovery through improved care, meticulous research and strong advocacy.

First, your CAMHS case worker or care coordinator should help you arrange an appointment with AMHS and come along with you if you need support.

If you don’t hear anything about this, don’t be afraid to ask.

Afternoon passes can only be purchased at 12.30pm and are valid until lift closes.

Lift passes can only be purchased at the resort, there is no pre-booking for lift passes or online payment facility.

If you are eligible for adult services, your CAMHS worker should help you through the process of moving from one service to the other.


This might include coming along to assessment and treatment appointments, depending on the child's age and what level of involvement they want.Your CAMHS worker should talk to you about this move 3 to 6 months before it’s due to happen.



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