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See the corresponding bug report here: Import Translation.

In some cases the records imported this way may fail to have 'module' value set correctly (it may be empty), which prevents the translation from working properly.

Finally, I discovered the module rights just given above is coming with the updated translation.

for portugese = pt.po4) create i18n folder under your module and add po file in it.5) restart Odoo 6) Go to: Settings ‣ Translations ‣ Load a Translationselect translation language (in my eg.

Portugese)make sure you check this : Overwrite Existing Termsclick LOAD.

This can be fixed by setting the right module value from within Pg Admin.


Although this is not a solution to your problem, a have chosen a different approach. I have written a script to load all the po files in that folder. /bin/bash shopt -s nullglob # Path and the list of files to import.Pro is a one-time purchase with minor updates included; Pro is a subscription with all upgrades free.


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