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Tapping into the fear of missing out is easy when you know your audience. steal the idea behind this headline and make it work to your advantage.

Just pick one of their goals, hopes, or dreams, and dangle it in front of them. Everyone loves to daydream about how their life could be better, how the grass could be greener, or how they can improve their business and increase their income.

Here is my question: Are men ok with women sending introductory emails to them? In some ways, I see a email hello similar to a come-hither look at a bar, etc.

but in other ways it seems very aggressive and therefore a turnoff to most men. Dear Jane, Your question brings up two of the most common mistakes that women make in online dating:1) Waiting for Men to Write to You First 2) Telling Him What You Like About His Profile First things first: Men LOVE it when women write to them. If you have an attractive photo, interesting essay, and you’re in his target demographic, why WOULDN’T he be excited to hear from you?

But there’s one thing you control that determines whether or not your email grabs hold of your subscriber’s eyes and gets them to open it. That’s why in this guide, I will show you everything you need to know to create kick-ass subject lines that’ll skyrocket your open rates and Sumo-size your income.

Together, we’re going to pick apart the psychology behind 13 proven subject line examples, so you can learn the concepts and strategies, and inject them into your own emails right away.

Emotion drives action, and the survival of your business depends on people taking action.

Studies show that evoking a “high-arousal” emotion is the “secret sauce” that makes content go viral.enough for you to give it a shot.


Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide Anything too controversial or touchy can get ugly... So why is this type of email subject line so powerful?Once you tell him how great he is, he doesn’t know why he should write back. But the tone of that email should be flirty, funny, and challenging – the same as the email from a man that gets your attention.


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