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I mastrubate once or sometimes twice a Day, Since I met my friend.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, several studies actually reveal a positive correlation between the frequency of masturbation and the frequency of, if you are feeling good with the 'self service', be aware that your eventual partner might not give you the same pleasure.this then causes you to have, maybe , less interest in real sex, while wanting it at the same will leave you with a discomfort feeling, experienced as fatigue. I am not sure whether its because i am fat or due to frequent mastrubation my penis under skin. Hi, I do not think that being over weight stops penis less 'self service', might result , in time , in regaining the sensitivity for friction/pressure by a real penis/vagina and so, in enjoying real pleasurable, hot sex with a partner. Our penis start to gain in size as we enter puberty.


but in the mean time , try to very gradually cut on the number of times you do it with your self and see what effect it will have for you. Frequent masturbation also does not stop it from gaining in size.The genes we inherited from our parents play a big role in what size we get.


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