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Once the officer located contraband, it could then be downloaded and preserved as evidence.For instance, a digital image that depicts child sexual exploitation could theoretically be identified by its SHA-1 value, regardless of the file name a user might assign to the digital image and regardless of whether the officer actually downloaded or viewed the image.You can run the a Power Shell script similar to following example to dump items in the list and get an idea of the other user properties stored in this list.Whenever you grant a user rights to a Site Collection or when that user creates/updates/deletes any item within a Site Collection, a new item will be created in the User Information List storing some metadata information about that Active Directory (AD) User, if not already there.

The user property changes were replicated from AD into the user profile, the userinfo table, and into the hidden User Information List in the site collection.

The lack of this feature in other similar chat site services makes them substantially subpar, and simply not worth your time when you have the capability here!


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