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In January 2010, Goans reached a goal she had aspired to from earliest memory.On a Saturday, a snowstorm swept into Nashville, virtually shutting the city down.In a stroke of good fortune at which Goans still marvels, Choate was able to enlist Dan Tyminski, of Alison Krauss’ Union Station band, to serve as her vocal partner on the tender “Made For Loving You.” Teea Goans (pronounced TEE-uh GO-uhnz) grew up in rural Lowry City, Missouri, not far from the Kansas border.



Find out more about Teea Goans at: Hank Williams and his mentor, Fred Rose, came back to life in top form, they could not have crafted a more soulful array of songs than singer Teea Goans presents here in her debut album, The Way I Remember It.

Spivey, a multi-instrumentalist and long-time leader of John Anderson’s band, is now a stalwart in The Time Jumpers’ crew of Nashville superpickers.

Goans, Choate and Spivey spent more than a year selecting the 11 songs on this album.

Naturally, they turned to the master composers, most of whom are members of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.


From the great Ernest Tubb came “Walking The Floor Over You.” Willie Nelson contributed “I’m Still Not Over You,” Merle Haggard and Red Lane “I Didn’t Mean To Love You,” Bill Anderson “Walk Out Backwards,” Curly Putman and Sonny Throckmorton “Made For Loving You,” Hank Cochran, Red Lane and Dale Dodson “He’ll Be Back,” Joe Allen “Lying In My Arms,” Rick Holt and Red Lane, “Same Ol’ Song And Dance,” Jim Owen “Two Arms, Two Lips, Too Lonely, Too Long,” Jim Mc Bride, Don Poythress and Jerry Salley “I Don’t Do Bridges Anymore” and Angela Kaset and Rob Crosby “Letter From God.” It’s hard to imagine a more lyrical lineup.

A missing child could end up anywhere on this planet.


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