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The second in size is the " Old Camp Ground." This con- tains about three hundred acres, and is noted as the camp- HISTORY OF BOXFORD. 1 795) by Jonathan Wood, who died two years later; and he was followed in May, 1798, by Parker Spofford, who married the widow of his predecessor in office.


The hills in the West Parish afford some grand landscape views, while from their summits the neighboring country can be seen for miles around ; the gentle-flowing Merrimac, which has often inspired the Muse's pen, can be traced in its mean- dering course for miles away. — Adam, by wife Jane, had children born here: Jane, 1721 ; John, 1724; Elizabeth, 1726; William, 1730; Adam, 1732; and Mary, 1734. — Nathaiiiel owntd land, and was taxed here as early as 1 714. Deacon Kimball died in Boston, where he had resided for some years, in 1878. — After the church was incorporated in the West Parish, two deacons were chosen. Deacon Woster removed to Leicester in 1745, and was dismissed from his office Oct. Thomas Chadwick was appointed his successor the following April 21. The location of the town, geo- graphically, is 71° i' west longitude, and 42° 25' north latitude. Deacon Peabody died March 4, 1 733, at the age of fifty years. Barker, 23, 43, 52, 53, 73, 168, 189, 229, 235, 245, 248, 280, 326, 329, 338, 379, 383, 384, 395- Barnard, 164, 165, 350. The southerly part of the town bounds, for a considerable distance, upon a smaller 9 l O HISTORY OF BOXFORD. The cities of Boston, Salem, Lynn, Gloucester, Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, and Newburyport, in Massachusetts, and Nashua, Exeter, and other important places, in New Hampshire, lie less than twenty-five miles away. Timothy Foster was deacon in 1718, and continued in ofifice until a new set of deacons were chosen in 1759, on the settlement of Rev. Nathan Peabody was chosen in November of that year to take his place. Batchelder, 24, 38, 94, 100, 148, 149, 168, 257, 283, 313, 314, 318, 320-323, 328, 335, 340, 342, 371, 389, 394, 396. * This plain has also been used since the Rebellion for the parade and drill of a part of the Massachusetts militia at their annual muster.


In ante- Revolutionary times the town militia held their annual trainings there, at one of which Samuel Symonds, who belonged to the Andover and Boxford Cavalry, fell from his horse, and was killed, July 29, 1775, at the age of twenty-two years : so says tradition. Merrimac River, on the north, flows within one hundred and twenty-five rods of the most north-western point of the town's boundaries. Abraham Redington was one in 17 10, and continued in ofifice till 1713, Dec. Daniel Wood was deacon in 1714, and was also styled deacon in 1718. Jonathan Foster was a deacon in 171 7, and probably continued in office to his death, May 21, 1730.


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