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The modern day Lincoln High can be found at 3838 Trojan Trail.The museum boasts 52 acres which include: native wildlife habitats, Tree-to-Tree Adventures an outdoor zip line and adventure course, historic buildings and educational exhibits.Famous musicians including Ray Charles, Nat Adderley and brother Cannonball Adderley lived and performed in this community. D Laster, the area’s first Black funeral director, purchased 16 acres on Old Bainbridge Road and established Greenwood Cemetery.An ordinance passed in 1936 prevented Blacks from purchasing plots and burying family in the Old City Cemetery, which at that time was one of the only cemeteries in town. The house was built in 1890 on the outskirts of the historic Smokey Hollow neighborhood by John G.The restored sanctuary still has its original north gallery, where slaves worshiped but sat apart from the white congregation.Originally opened as the State Normal College for Colored Students on October 3, 1887.Known as the “Black Archives,” the center’s mission includes collecting, preserving, displaying and disseminating information about African Americans and people of Africa worldwide.


But with the aroma of something cooking in a nearby camp, and the pangs of hunger from my stomach, I finally ventured to go in. Politely nodding to those that made eye contact, but mostly trying to act as if I had done this all my life.

I found a place to sit away from most of the others. The bucket had originally held wheel bearing grease for the railroad, and with a little clean up, but not too much clean up, now held a boiling liquid. Hanging on the bucket was a piece of stout wire, with a hook fashioned at the end. I stood up and again grabbed the wire with the hook, and started dipping into the boiling liquid.

One of the Hobos called out to me, “Been out long kid? “Well then, get ‘ya a piece of chicken.” I had noticed that something was cooking (how could I not? I used to wire to dip into the boiling liquid, and pulled out the a chicken leg. That chicken leg was the best chicken I had ever eaten before, or since. As I was gnawing at the bone to get the last piece of meat, the Hobo called out again, “Are ‘ya still hungry? My first dip into the bucket brought up another chicken leg. I was looking for a larger piece, a chicken breast would be the best. “Well”, I answered, “Ain’t this chicken got nothing but legs?

Open Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Friday-Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Admission: .00 for Adults & Children, .00 for Leon County Public School Students.Guided tours available Wednesday-Friday from 1-3 p.m. Opened in 1977 as the state’s history museum, it houses exhibits and artifacts covering Florida’s history and prehistory. The advance was halted by the Confederates and the Union troops retreated to the coast.



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