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Early deaths in males are the major reason for significant demographic imbalances.

At birth there are 106/100 males to females both in Russia and Ukraine.

Single women are constantly told by people around them that they should find a husband.

Even if they do not want one, they are relentlessly pointed out that their social value is low because they haven’t managed to snap a man.

(See Life expectancy by country) Compared to figures from 10 years ago, life expectancy in males decreased in both Russia and Ukraine, and the overall sex ratio imbalances increased.

It’s not getting easier for Russian and Ukrainian women to fulfil their Destiny.

And even though some may say it means the same, but that’s exactly how it is.” They do.


Women are taught that anything goes to get a husband, and many believe that they have to hide their intelligence, talents, and abilities, and try not to earn too much money, or they will not find a husband or won’t be able to keep one, because he will feel insecure if she is smarter or earns more money than him.

After reaching the age of 25 a single woman becomes rather desperate to get married.


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