Gridview on rowupdating


Page { private static Data Set ds; A static variable means that all users will see & manipulate the same data. And if so, you need to be careful about concurrent access to the static variable...

I will have to fix that before the site ships, but that is for another time. build Grid() fires and repopulates the Grid with data from ds It is during step 2 that I need to read the data from the Grid View but the Grid View is empty.

It is defined at the class level and filled with initial data in the Page Load on page creation. I did not know that and thanks for lettming me know... Event that caused postback fires (Edit, Cancel, Update) //These events invoke build Grid() 3.

Otherwise, step through your code in build Grid() and make sure you're seeing what you expect, on postback.

This works as expected and I can put a breakpoint in the Row Command event handler to see the "Event" command name.

After it has been clicked the postback places that row in edit mode. At this point in time the above Edit Item Template is displayed with two Image Buttons within it. My problem lies in that the click on the Update Image Button posts back, but neither the Row Command nor Row Updating events get triggered.

LOL Each time through the code behind I was loading and binding my product table.



Hi cpkilekofp; I removed the On Row Updating from the Grid View definition - to no avail. David I added a stub for the grid View Row Command event and set a breakpoint. Placed breakpoints at Row Command, Row Editing and Row Updating. Much thanks to cpkilekofp and informaniac for their time and effort in trying to debug this problem for me.Am I doing something wrong when I rebuild my Grid View possibly?


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