How to deal with intimidating boss Chate sex par cam gratoui

Gather resources that you need to feel strong, and then try to be understanding and reasonable, and treat your adversary with the degree of respect you'd want to be shown, even (or especially) if you think it's undeserved.In the Carlos Castaneda book, The Fire From Within, the author speaks of the "petty tyrant," the authority figure who can make you stronger if you spar wisely with him or her.I once had a boss who would get worked up about small things and occasionally get to the point of yelling.When he approached me one day, irate about a minor detail of something he thought I'd given too little attention to, I listened to him rant for a minute, then calmly replied, "you know, if you want me to do something you can just ask.He also called me names, talked about me behind my back, refused to give me a raise, ect... He started to blame me for something that I had nothing to do with, calling me names and abusing me, and I who had silently taken it for over a year, finally just scram, [email protected]#$ YOU!!!!! I think he was surprised when his door mat bit back.I guess he had to find another scapegoat after I left. I experienced a very bad case of ill-treatment at the first zoo/wildlife rehabilitation job I worked at.


We had a similar thing go on here where I work, the employee who complained about being bullied was "let go due to budget " . It is difficult to be a boss, and some of the time bosses are unaware that their mannerisms or leadership styles come across as poorly as they do--something to consider when assessing your situation.

It truly is awful and if the public really knew what went on behind the scenes of these places they'd be appalled. I'm still in the field, 20 years now, but it has worn me out and I've lost a lot faith in people.


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