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If you're already out of the educational system, try and find something like it - look for potential mates in educationally-charged situations, like groups, clubs, and other associations who still make it their priority to learn as they get older and cut through the BS of life. I'm long since out of college and am well into my career (which I love), but it's a great idea to seek out intellectual types elsewhere.I've pretty much stuck to online dating, which has yielded mediocre results so far.Every man I met that I actively and excitedly had a crush on (which was bizarre because we're usually as excited as a wet pool noodle) I met either through my program or just before entering my program.


Being an INTJ woman in the dating field sucks after you've finished your education, because it's the number one place where you're likeliest to find a like-minded person who is also decently attractive.

I believe the subject of the chat was D&D (Dungeons and Dragon roleplay) although we just had a fun chat which turned into messenger chats, which turned into long phone calls, then eventually visits (long distance), then he moved closer to the US/Canada border, until I finally sponsored him into Canada and now we live together.


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