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Up first this hour a tense and scary few moments for Donald Trump earlier today speaking on stage just days before the crucial winner take all primary in Ohio and in Florida.They were taunted, they were harassed by these other people, these other people by the way, some represented Bernie, our communist friend. Trump should get up and this morning tell his people to be nice. Obviously, while I appreciate that we have supporters at Trump's rally in Chicago our campaign did not organize the protest.GERGEN: Jeffrey, I'm -- HARLOW: Let me get David in -- let me get David in to respond. At the same time, he has unleashed a rhetoric of hate and a rhetoric that leans towards violence, he relishes when people are carried out of his rallies and there are things being shouted at them. [] I would remind you that 2008, at the Sarah Palin rallies when things ugly things were said about Barack Obama as the candidate and there was air of violence in the air, it was John Mc Cain had the guts to stand up to the people in his own base and people who were swearing at Obama and say, stop it. And he's done that in very loud volume and this oh, I condone violence, is an afterthought to cover his tracks. So we have to build on the progress that we have made under President Obama.You know, we're going to treat this man with decency, we disagree with everything he says but we're going to do this with decency. GERGEN: He has repeatedly, at least a half dozen times, last night there somebody on the air here on CNN said, well, it's only be twice and he's been joking. LORD: David, David, of course he doesn't condone violence. We have to help more of our neighbors and our fellow citizens get the good jobs, the good schools, and the good health care they need and deserve. Now, diversity -- (CROWD BOOING) Well, as I was saying diversity is a strength, not a weakness.In the old days, which isn't so long ago, when we were less politically correct, that stop wouldn't have happened.(END VIDEO CLIP) HARLOW: And then let me show you this video as well. Because I mean, David Gergen, you know the history of this very well, adviser to four presidents.Return to Transcripts main page CNN NEWSROOM Protester Charged After Rushing Trump Stage; Trump Blames Sanders For Chicago Clashes; Republican Blitz to Grab Delegates; Protests, Chaos at Trump Rally; Rubio Tells Ohio: Vote for Kasich. This man, accused of trying to jump a barrier trying to rush towards the Republican front-runner while he was on stage at an event in Ohio earlier today.


You had hundreds, really thousands of protesters who were able to get inside that event. So, I think at this point that leads me to believe that maybe we won't have a repeat of last night but of course Poppy, we're hours away from Donald Trump speaking. You can see these police officers going past me just right at this very moment, they are certainly well aware of the security situation that they are up against tonight -- Poppy. Quite a line, quite a group and you hear their voices loud and clear there. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) [] TRUMP: So, if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? He is walking out like big high fives, smiling, laughing, like to punch him in the face, I'll tell you.Video of an African-American protester being sucker punched at a Trump event in Fayetteville, North Carolina this week. JEFFREY LORD, DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTER: I mean, I believe the man who threw the punch is responsible for throwing the punch. And you made the point last night on CNN by saying that Trump is not the first to get these large crowds, to get this outburst for Reagan and Obama's messages were very different, they were positive, Trump is not.


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