Jquery html usdating existing javascript function

The function idle Timeout is invoked using a j Query object.In the declaration file of j Query, an interface is defined to hold all functions which have to be invoked using j Query objects. To use the declaration file in a Type Script file, a reference of the declaration file should be added.But brushing and flossing are crucial, especially if they're drinking coffee and sugary, acidic sodas and sports drinks.Bad oral hygiene leads to bad breath -- and that's something that no teen wants, Altmann tells Web MD.Calling the idle Timeout function in Type Script is quite similar to that of in Java Script code.Only difference being, we need to type cast the j Query object to type of JQuery Timeout.


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Any existing Java Script library can be used with Type Script if a type declaration file is created for the library.

As Type Script is strongly typed, we need to define an interface to hold the above properties.



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