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The new collection of songs will become available on September 27.

Adam co-wrote every single one of the songs on the EP.

In addition, Adam also revealed that one of the songs, "Superpower," will be released on September 4 so stay tuned!

We will post the album stream when it becomes available next month, so stay tuned!

Due to the dense foliage and lack of concrete clues, the efficacy of aerial investigation was limited and ground searches waned.

Samantha worked doggedly to collaborate with local law enforcement and media to spread word of Erik’s disappearance throughout the Mendocino region.

You can also follow his work by liking Cold Case Mendocino on Facebook.

Erik Lamberg had the smog of Los Angeles in his rear view mirror and Oregon’s fertile fields ahead of him when he left his Hermosa Beach home.

Using bloodhounds, Mendocino Sheriff tracked Erik’s movement.According to a Facebook post, sheriffs “followed a possible scent for about eight miles” that then returned back towards the vehicle.


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