Leykis 101 rules of dating


Baby back ribs, membrane removed by marcondasmeats. About 5 hours ago from Tom Leykis's Twitter via Instagram @Official Jon Zal Are you kidding? He'll get another huge insurance settlement and then spend less than half of it rebuilding.

Stubb's Smokey Mesquite barbecue sauce, plenty of smoke. About 6 hours ago from Tom Leykis's Twitter via Twitter for Android @jrmotes I CAN'T blame it on "God". But those who claim "'God' knows everything" or "'God' controls everything" have to admit that, by that logic, "God" gives them hurricanes.

When she gives an answer, like “Oh, I was thinking about ”, you make your move.

Say “Ok, & about an hour & a half to eat, I'll pick you up at 9, & we can get some drinks? She'll probably look dumbfounded for a second, or think that you are a little “dense”, but you have just won. The money can be better spent on buying her liquor & getting back to her place for some fun.

Put some inside the used condom and kill the sperm. If you do date a coworker and you break up, things can get tense around the office (especially if it was a nasty breakup).

In an attempt to get pregnant, there have been several reported cases where women take the used condom, insert the sperm into themselves, and try to get pregnant. She can sabotage your career or, worse, file lawsuits claiming sexual harassment.

Since this is not always possible, men are encouraged to carry some hot sauce to pour inside the used condom. If you’re the risky type, stick around and sue her for attempted extortion.


Dispose of the used condom by flushing it down the toilet. If you use the hot sauce method, and you hear her scream, take your stuff and RUN.The reasoning behind this is Leykis’ opinion that more money spent during a date will not necessarily lead to a better chance of sex, contrary to the belief of most ‘uninformed’ men.



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