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(Later she’ll film the other half of the exchange in Hannah’s bedroom as her character applies a garish coat of makeup.) Glancing around the kitchen set, Dunham has some ideas. “Since you don’t have caller ID on that phone, could you say ‘Hello’ instead of ‘Honey’? “I used to walk my dog by this apartment building in high school,” she says.“I thought we could have you, like, rearranging your spice rack when the phone rings,” she says to Scolari. ” When Dunham is at work, she speaks with the cheery exactitude of someone trying to place a complicated catering order over the phone. ” she asks the crew.“We’re at ‘roll set,’ ma’am,” somebody says. “I was always getting in trouble for my dog peeing in the courtyard, which is technically illegal.She’s sitting on a bed, wearing the sort of tank top and bright-green pants favored by her character, Hannah Horvath. Over several takes, Dunham and Williams embellish the script with improvisations, trying to catch each other off guard. ”Jenni Konner, an executive producer on the show, is seated in a director’s chair nearby.



Her hair, which she cut short after shooting for the second season of Girls finished, has grown out to a trim, breezy bob.

Dunham’s apartment is quirky, well appointed, and—considering that she sits at the center of one of the most coveted television-comedy enterprises today—concertedly unostentatious.


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