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So a long time ago (the mid-1990s), the greatest writer in comics agreed to take over the writing duties for Image Comics' Supreme.

He would radically reshape the character, the book, and due to forces beyond his control, a whole comic book universe.

Supreme did not have this power prior to this issue. ” is reminiscent of the favorite phrase of Marvel’s seventies hero Luke Cage (the Hero for Hire, later known as Power Man): “Sweet Christmas!


" Page 8: Note that the architecture of the golden citadel seems strongly influenced by both the work of Jack Kirby (particularly in the fins and antennae at the city’s base) and by the cover artwork of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (the figure of Supreme holding an enormous white globe is particularly reminiscent of the image of Atlas with the world on his shoulders). Finally, it also could be the story in Action 233 (1957) entitled "Land of A Million Supermen" and reprinted in Superman 187.

Having gathered quite a bit of information about Moore's Supreme and Awesome runs, I decided to create a home for the forgotten Awesome.

Over the course of a year, I put it all together here.

see xxxxx" format INSIDE FRONT COVER: i) layout seems 1960's-ish to me, but I can't quote any actual example ii) "proudly presented by" smacks of the "Stan Lee Proudly Presents" label used by all Marvels for decades Page 1: Supreme returns to Earth from space.

He sees the planet as two overlapping images, “like a double-exposed photograph.” This image, along with the ghostly shadows of the people and cars on the street (superimposing images of “who they are and who they might have been”) on pages 2 and 3, is strongly reminiscent of the early stages of DC’s 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, in particular Crisis on Infinite Earths #4-#5, when several alternate worlds began to overlap.Page 2: Supreme uses his “micro-sight” for the first time.


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