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While it's easy to recognize the schoolyard bully, workplace bullies use more sophisticated tactics. Other behaviors allow bullies to fly under the radar undetected.

But it's important to recognize what behaviors constitute bullying because one workplace can be enough to create a toxic environment.

Sixty-one percent of individuals say a bully has used "presumably" uncontrollable mood swings in front of a group as a way to try and intimidate others.

A bully, especially one who is in charge, may claim certain things are against company policy when it's to their benefit.

A whopping fifty-three percent of individuals say they've seen a bully stop just short of crossing the line into illegal behavior. Forty-six percent of individuals say they've seen a bully lie about another person's performance during the evaluation process in an attempt to sabotage that individual's career. A bully who has some power may make arbitrary rules and then accuse the target of being insubordinate if those commands aren't followed.


Fifty-four percent of individuals say they've seen a bully try to separate their target from the group, either socially or physically. And they know how to misbehave without actually crossing the line into illegal activity that might get them in trouble.According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, surveys show these are the 25 most common tactics bullies use.


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