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On the south side of west transept is the “Paradise” narthex, a hall lined with larger than life-sized statues of Jesus and the 12 Apostles.

Also see the Astronomical Clock, dating from the 1540s and considered one of the finest in the German-speaking world.

The Peace Hall inside is as old as the 1100s and is clad with wooden panels carved in 1577.

The hall was where one of European history’s most important treaties was signed.

The facade is jaw-dropping, and requires a few minutes for its tiers of traceried windows, ogival arches, gables and pinnacles.

This all dates from the end of the 14th century, and reflects the confidence that Münster’s citizens had in their episcopal landowners.

At the moment this role is filled by Martje Saljé, the first female “watchman” in the building’s history.

For hundreds of years up to 1801 the city was ruled by a Catholic Prince-Bishopric.These are from the 1530s and once held the remains of the leaders of Münster’s Anabaptist rebellion during the Reformation.


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