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Thanks to you, and the input you give us, we have created this section to keep you in-the-know with game updates, changes and new releases.Check back here from time to time because you never know what might be around the corner!


We stayed there and mingled, a little more I opened my book to districts I kept my eye on Nutty River, Wondering if it would be suddenly quiet, quick." He questioned not knowing what happened"I CAN'T DIE WITHOUT LETTING YOU KNOW!"At four minutes, I started singing A song by Timberlake and Madonna I stopped my singing.I came in, and ran to the clock A cute pink duck was counting down"minutes left!

I bubbled and thought I braced myself for sudden impact Nothing…Try your best Toon-moves on the Dance Floor, have a blasting good time with party Cannons, or see how high you can jump on a Trampoline!


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