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So, in the meantime, HERE’S a glimpse of a mule deer doe trotting by the trail cam with her two fawns (now sans spots) following.

Pete 7/24/19 Well, it looks like were at the time when the BNOW chicks are now on their own and not returning to the cavity and the adults are not coming back to it, for now, to roost.

And then I’ll move it to the cavity tree when we’re ready to do the banding.

Note: I WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN THE CAVITY CAM AROUND 1PM TOMORROW because it will just cause too much overlap with the “banding cam” and possibly present me with a few tech issues I’d rather not deal with.

I’ve always found it interesting that in a lot of videos I’ve captured of does and fawns it often seems to show a doe with one fawn closely following behind and then the second one scampering to “keep up”. BTW and in general with deer, a doe having twin fawns is more the rule rather than the exception.

Pete 7/2/19 Cougar and Bobcat on the trail cam in the last two days.

Amazing since GHOWs are know predators of BNOWs (even though we haven’t seen that happen here much if at all by looking at prey remains in GHOW nests). Early evening yesterday and one of the best views I’ve been able to capture in a long time. Please consider helping Starr Ranch pay for these cams, maintenance and streaming. Pete 03-16-19 Egg dates as of this writing: Egg # 1 – 3/8 – a.m. Perhaps this is due to lack of prey and not his lack of “skill”.– hatched 4/12 approximately am Egg # 4 – 3/14 – p.m.


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