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NPR: On a recent Friday night, 30 men and 30 women gathered at a hotel restaurant in Washington, D. Their goal was love, or maybe sex, or maybe some combination of the two. The women sat at separate numbered tables while the men moved More ORF: Onlinedatings werden immer beliebter. Und es verliert zusehends das soziale Stigma, mit dem es einst versehen war”, schreiben Forscher um Harry More Scientific American: Online dating might give you something, but it’s probably not a soul mate.

They were accused of emasculating and neutering the language.But when someone says just, "Sandy was brushing their hair," you're brought up short.Your first thought is that "they" must refer to some group of people whose hair Sandy was brushing.The pronoun "they" is like, "whatever." That singular "they" goes back hundreds of years.

Jane Austen's novels are bristling with sentences like "No one can ever be in love more than once in their life." But that use of the pronoun fell into disrepute in the 19 century, when grammarians condemned it as incorrect and proclaimed that the so-called generic "he" should be used instead.But now a team of psychologists from five universities has performed a systematic More The Sydney Morning Herald: It’s easy to play Cupid when both parties are motivated to find love, writes Nicky Phillips.


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