Ocean of fish dating definition radioisotope dating

Which fish gets its name from the 1950’s horror movie The Blob?

Which fish has a special protein that prevents its blood from freezing as is swims through the Arctic waters? There are over thirty species of sweetlips, which tend to live on coral reefs in small groups.

I took several frames but this one was my favorite because of the position of the fish, particularly the one on the right who seems to be yawning.” -- Nature's Best Photographer, Jose Alejandro Alvarez) is found in marine systems including coral reefs, estuaries, tide pools and other coastal areas of the Indo-Western Pacific.

The juveniles of the fish school in groups of up to 100, while the adults tend to stick to themselves or in smaller groups.

See more bizarre-looking ocean life in a slideshow of the scariest monsters of the deep-sea and learn more about the deep ocean in the Deep Ocean Exploration section.)!



The gobies in this photo are about one inch long (2.5 cm), and most in the family are less than four inches.

Instead, they hide behind one another to form a spherical bait ball, a shape which allows for the protection of the most fish.



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