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Introduction Oracle Integration Cloud Service for Oracle Saa S (aka ICS4Saa S) is a version of Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service (ICS) targeted for use with Oracle Saa S products.The ICS4Saa S service has been sold with Oracle Saa S products and has appeared on the Saa S price list.As this service is not available on the Oracle’s OCI infrastructure, Oracle provides a migration path for ICS4Saa S customers to migrate their workloads to OCI.Oracle introduced a new offering called Oracle Integration for Oracle Saa S (aka OIC4Saa S).Feature Flag This feature is available when console.library.update feature flag is enabled.Here is how library update works Let's consider a simple Math library that defines basic add function that takes two parameters and is used in an integration.

You may update the registered library with new JS file that has these new functions using the Update menu on the library list page.If the new library file adheres to these conditions the library is updated and library edit page is displayed for further configuration changes.Please note that if the returns parameter for a function used in an integration was changed in the updated library the system does not flag an error but it invalidates the downstream mapping in integrations and should be re-mapped.From their website: Leading organizations worldwide use Taleo on-demand talent management solutions to assess, acquire, develop, and align their workforce for improved business performance.

Taleo combines software, best practices and services so organizations can increase process efficiency, improve quality of hire, reduce risk, and return financial results.For further details on OIC for Saa S, refer to the Oracle Fusion Cloud Service Description document.



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